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Graphic design, advertising, and fallen leaf management.

Located north of Chelsea, Michigan and surrounded by hardwood growth, 12 Acre Studio offers over twenty-five years of graphic design and advertising experience to projects that include corporate identity and logos, print and online advertising and collateral, with the occasional letterpress printing assignment thrown in for good measure. We’re creative, nimble, and ready to exceed your expectations.

You’re number one.

Our diligent staff of one ensures that you’ll always interact with the principal and you won’t get lost in the shuffle. There is no shuffle. Each project is ushered through our estimating, design and billing processes by the same set of hands and eyes.


After hours, we go old-school.

Our Chandler & Price Pilot Press offers us the opportunity to letterpress print notecards and miscellaneous ephemera. Take a look at our SHOP if you’re interested in supporting the US Postal Service with handwritten communications.


One last pitch…

If you’re in need of a design resource, there are many options. You can do it yourself. Or maybe you’re fortunate enough to employ a marketing firm or ad agency. There’s a middle way: 12 Acre Studio. Above average creative solutions that are done on time with fair pricing. We’re looking forward to having an opportunity to work with you.